“It's not my job,
it's my passion.”

CEO Renzo Rastelli

Our history

The Rastelli brand is the brainchild of Mr. Renzo Rastelli, which aims to penetrate not only the Italian market but also the global business scene. The idea of internationalization has encouraged the company to collaborate with two of the world’s best designers: Ferruccio Laviani and Karim Rashid, to create a product that is versatile, continually evolving, and reflective of Italian design along with a comprehensive program. The development goes beyond aesthetics, delving deeply into ergonomics and environmental compatibility. The company also seeks to be identified through its green trademarks, certified according to the stringent FSC and ISO 14001 standards. From an ergonomic standpoint, Rastelli offers the market a wide range of cabinetry in terms of both quantity and quality, with standard, ingeniously designed storage solutions that meet International standards. There are three words that summarize the company’s mission: design, quality, and green. The management’s daily goal is customer satisfaction.


Our goal is to offer kitchen environments to international and sophisticated customers who seek not just Italian design but also technology and quality. We provide an efficient and punctual service, placing them at the center of our projects.

Brand Values

We understand client needs by offering a full range of products and services to improve customer satisfaction.
We are committed to continuously improving relationships with our customers and suppliers.
Honesty, Transparency, and Authenticity
We build solid relationships based on reliability and respect.
• Sustainability
We are socially aware and environmentally responsible, working towards a sustainable future.
• Competence
Our approach is based on and guaranteed by the traditional Italian manufacturing process.
• Creative Energy
We ensure constant and continuous innovation through meticulous research and development.
• Constant Attention to Product Quality
We maintain high aesthetic quality and use high-quality raw materials, focusing on occupational safety and health technology.

7 production units

The entire Rastelli collection is designed and manufactured in Abruzzo, Italy, within 7 large, highly automated, and efficient production facilities, each certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001.

Department 1

Administrative headquarters and warehouse.

Department 2

Production department

Department 3

Develops and manufactures Rastelli products.

Department 4

Worktops production department.

Department 5

Production department for doors and other wood furnishing accessories.

Department 6

Production department for office furniture and doors for the Night collection.

Department 7

Semifinished products department for kitchens, office furniture, and wardrobes.