"The most beautiful thing is when you are trying to motivate one of your choices, but you realize that they've already understood it..."

Discretion is his lifestyle. His language is definitely contemporary and personal, often recognizable by a sign or a particular color.


It marks the rise of a new generation of designers with sophisticated and original creativity. Architect and designer, after his studies in Milan, he started his professional career collaborating with the De Lucchi studio, of which he became a partner, creating and designing for brands like Mandarina Duck, Olivetti, Swatch. Since 1992 he has been involved in several creative fields: from industrial communication to corporate identity.

His approach to the product is global: from graphics to packaging to image consulting. He designs for prestigious Italian and international brands like Swarovski. For many years he has been studying the concept of flagship stores. He has been dealing with interior design for fashion brands like Dolce & Gabbana. He designed the Beluga concept kitchen for Rastelli.

From our company he states, “The most beautiful thing when you are trying to motivate a company regarding your choices is to realize that they have already been understood and that you are facing people who are the first to support you for having made them. They start to ask you more and more, and you find yourself at the point where it is you who has to put on the brakes.”

He designed for Rastelli: Beluga

He designed for Rastelli:

Ferruccio Laviani

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