RASTELLI has always taken care and put passion into design and production of its kitchens, using products with the highest reference standards. This allows RASTELLI to guarantee that its kitchen are free from manufacturing defects, as explicitly stated in this warranty whereas any damage due to the assembly, inappropriate use and incorrect maintenance can in no way be imputed to RASTELLI.

Indeed, this warranty supposes that kitchens are correctly installed by specialized personnel, properly

maintained and used in accordance with the use and maintenance manual.

RASTELLI has always paid attention to choose the best materials for the production of its products. Besides an undoubted resistance, beauty and durability that distinguish them, the materials used, also

have some particular features: one of these is the uniqueness of the single pieces thanks to its colouring and shades and the fact that they can continually change its colours, tones, shades and brightness. All these features add quality and value to the kitchens we manufacture and don’t show any defect.

Natural  materials (e.g.  wood,  marble, granite stone),  as  they  are  “live”  materials, are  subject  to ordinary changes over time.

In addition wood can be subject to a few modest changes over time, due to small openings through junctures or small degree of distortion ; these are not defects of the product but confirm that the wood used is real wood.

With prolonged exposure to the light glossy surfaces are subject to tones and shades changes. Water-based paints are subject to natural variations of tones and shades.

All these features are not defects but they add value to the material used and enhance the product and its uniqueness.



The supplementary warranty offered by RASTELLI lasts 5 (five) years and runs from the date the product leaves RASTELLI factory; for this purpose the date considered will be the date on RASTELLI’s commercial invoice.



This limited warranty adds to and does not replace the warranty provided under the applicable legislation of the country where the kitchen has been sold.

This warranty is valid only for purchases made by private consumers, for domestic use and it is made for the original Purchaser of the product, may not be transferred not even in case of free-of-charge resale or loan for use. In order to have right to the warranty it will be necessary to exhibit the receipt and/or the original invoice issued at the time of the purchase.



Complaints about defects must be in writing within 7 days after the discovery and submitted to the RASTELLI dealer from whom the kitchen was purchased. If the dealer has closed, the complaint form must be submitted directly to RASTELLI, exhibiting the original receipt and providing a brief but clear description of the defect that you want to highlight and supporting it by pictures showing its defects.

Further explanations, pictures or a physical inspection may be required by RASTELLI.



This warranty is valid only if assembly, use and maintenance rules as given on the website are respected.



This limited warranty does not cover the following cases and conditions :

Kitchen design mistakes, if not made directly by RASTELLI;

Problems related to assembly, singles pieces and/or the entire composition;

Products cover by producer warranty, even only in part (e.g.: electrical appliance, plumbing fittings), electrical devices, worktops and sinks;


Kitchen elements that do not represent the main components of the fitted kitchen (e.g.: chairs, table, tv area);

Defects in manufacturing and/or materials not notified at the delivery of the product (non-original parts);

Defects not reported within 7 days after discovery of each such fault;

In case the kitchen or its single components are moved or altered compared to the original provided by the producer or even installed by unqualified personnel;

Improper  assembly,  inappropriate  maintenance  and  repairs  improperly  performed  by  unqualified personnel;

Replacement of components or accessories with non-original parts;

Accidental damages, incorrect or  improper  use,  abuse,  non-domestic use,  omitted  or  insufficient maintenance, incorrect storage;

Normal wear and tear, cuts/scratches, or damages caused by impacts or accidents;

Outdoor use, or with temperature and humidity rates, even if occasionally, that are not recommended and do not respect the usage rules;

Any damages due to: loss of use,  procurement costs for a potential kitchen replacement;

Removal, dismantling and re-installation costs of the replaced product or its parts;

Any shipping and delivery costs of the defective product to and from RASTELLI factory or RASTELLI supplier, not even delivery costs for replaced products;

Natural disasters and exceptional occurrences;


Other situations not explicitly covered by this warranty;



Except as explicitly provided in this warranty, RASTELLI shall not be liable for any indirect damages caused to third parties, any other expenses related to the use of the kitchen.

The content of this warranty is exclusive and excludes other remedies.



Once RASTELLI receives the complaint for defect, the company will examine the product, and if a manufacturing or design defect covered by this warranty is recognised, RASTELLI will proceed to repair or replace it with the same or an equivalent product. The defect recognition, the validity of this limited warranty and the decision to repair or replace the product will be at complete and unrestricted discretion of RASTELLI.

The present warranty does not cover delivery and shipping costs (including repaired or replaced components) which are paid by the Customer, and labour costs, that must be paid directly to the workers.

If the kitchen is not available or no longer produced, RASTELLI will replace the defective piece with an appropriate product or of equal value, at its complete discretion.



Any Interventions involving repairs and replacements under warranty, do not extend the duration of the initial warranty and do not activate a new one.

The sole liability of any statements contained in this limited warranty shall be limited to RASTELLI and represent the customer‘s exclusive means, in case of validity of the warranty.

Any mandatory warranties provided by law remain valid in accordance with the applicable legislation for single sale.



This warranty is regulated by Italian law and the local jurisdiction is identified by the country where

RASTELLI is established (Atri – TE- Italy).

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